What’s it like to work at Kroger for your first job?


I got employed in Kroger in 1976 and was assigned as courtesy clerk being in the lead end, to put the grocery in the bags and I would gather the cards, ascending to strike in the shop.


Even in the heavy snow I would still gather the cards, I worked there for almost 25 years and the question always arises as to how they were so considerate towards me, they trained me so well and taught me all kinds of required training needed and all type of leadership styles exactly how I was doing in my college time.

I always liked assisting the cashiers at the counters including the administrators and the organization in particular. After few months for about six months they increased my salary by double and I also worked for night shifts.

After a year I was promoted as a supervisor and my salary then increased by $3 per hour, later initiated to open new shops, then I travelled and also compensated for the food.

It was a fun trip that used to happen almost two times for the leadership team and it was basically just to have free time with no work and the activities included casino clubs, golfing, and poker game where one could purchase the prizes with the reward of winning the game. The whole team felt honored and enjoyed the time.

I worked as a Co. Manager for 2 years then opened my own personal shop. At the age of 35 I was earning as 6 times as a manager’s income would be, since the few previous shops which I worked weren’t offering work for 40 hours per week.

The main point is to show concern to the employees and should treat them with dignity. We should treat them as per the employment law and encouraging them to do better in their task and these good deeds would all come back as a reward for you.

Therefore I must say I loved working at Kroger Company and till this day I think it is now too as my employee for the last 15 years has been nice to towards me since the day one.

I don’t have to work for now on yet sometimes I want to. No one wants to just a leave a good place.

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