What’s New at Kroger? Are they experimenting with new ways to sell fast food?


According to the recent reports, Kroger tries to lure customers. While, the largest grocery chain is doing the century-old grocer is betting on an old question. In this regard chef and marketer said that “A big part of our new strategy is to help answer the day-to-day dilemma” What in dinner? ”


Now, keeping this in mind on Wednesday’s Virtual Investor Day, Kroger said they’re experimenting with new ways to provide customers with restaurant-quality fast food from ghost kitchens or comfortable, pre-assembled dinner sets.

What’s New at Kroger

These investments in ready-to-eat foods could help the grocer’s business – especially since Americans are tired of cooking or are back to more busy lives and fuller calendars after receiving the Covid-19 vaccination.

While, this venture for grocery retailers, the pandemic has created an opportunity for expansion of meal and pre-food groups. Krishnakumar Devi, head of strategic analyzes at the International Republican Institute, said. Consumers try to quickly collect their meals while they are working from home. Many restaurants closed their doors permanently during the pandemic. Providing an opportunity for grocery vendors to gain market share. In addition, he said, grocery stores can assemble meal packages from items in their prepackaged and bakery departments.

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The dinnerware industry grew approximately 13% from 2019 to 2020 to become a US $ 9.13 billion market, according to the market research. Davey said the pace of growth is likely to wane this year, but it will remain a hot category as more professional’s work for at least part of the week remotely. On a few days of the week, people will work from home, and if you work from home, you won’t have time to prepare a lunch,” he said.

Kroger is the largest supermarket chain in the country, with approximately 2,800 stores and many brands including Harris Teeter and Fred Meyer. The store itself sales, excluding fuel, grew 14.1% and its digital sales rose 116% in the year ending January 30th.  Kroger made a deal with Ghost Kitchen ClusterTruck last year. The company has opened two kitchens on the corporate headquarters of approximately 1,000 square feet inside the Kroger stores. Customers can order more than 80 meals, which they can pick up in stores or order for delivery. A few of its Midwest stores will soon have Salad works indoors, which is a casual fast-food restaurant that makes custom salads and wraps.

Furthermore, Kroger is growing Home Chef, a meal tool company that competes with Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. Kroger has added quick cooking solutions and an oven-ready version to some of its stores. Home Chef sales were up 118% in the most recent fiscal year, and it is expected to become the next billion-dollar brand Kroger, Aitken said. Also, Kroger said that they will be hiring new employees who will be handling the menu and food which will focus family dinner meals menus. Now what are your thoughts on it? Let us know your favorite item from their newly launched menu. In the comment section below.

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