When will potholes be patched near the Kroger East?


According to the recent news, everyone is inquiring about the drivers leaving the Kroger East car park near the stopover at the intersection. With Brighton Park Boulevard must maneuver around three giant pits formed in the departure lane on the access road. Between the grocery gas station and the shopping center car park.


In addition, several readers contacted The State Journal about potholes that occupy nearly the entire path. Which have been forcing motorists to swerve shoulder to avoid. While, Katie Bread the city’s public works director, said her office has received a complaint about the area as well and is looking into who owns the property in question.

When will potholes be patched near the Kroger East

Here is the official statement “I think the area’s maintenance responsibility is either Brighton Landmark LLC or Kroger,” she said, adding that the city is responsible for Brighton Park Street from Versailles Road to the stopover near the sandwich shop Penn Station. Potholes on the access road from Kroger to Brighton Park Boulevard are filled with potholes.

According to Franklin County’s Director of Real Estate Appraisal records, Brighton Landmark LLC owns more than 16 acres along the street, including the 11,654-acre shopping center at 102-132 Brighton Park Blvd. Katie said she had been in contact with a representative of Brighton Landmark LLC, who had already reached out to ask Kroger to fill in the pits. “She said that Kroger has always maintained that access road, but if they don’t care about it, Brighton Landmark will arrange to do so,” she told the State Journal on Wednesday. She added, “I was unable to get a specific time frame from them.” Now, let’s wait till Kroger respond back. What are your views and thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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