When will we know the final results of the elections?


By now, most people may have a pretty good idea about the winner. However, the counting of votes is still on the roll. Yet, there are some polls left to be counted and decide the fate of Trump or Joe Biden. This is the second day of counting.


What are we expecting so far?

So far the victory seems to favor Joe Biden. But as it looks, you might also know that he needs to win the majority in a system called the Electoral College. There is a certain number of votes for each state, or you can call them”electors”. Winning one state means winning the state.

Right now, there are 538 state votes, and the one who gets 270 votes is the winner.

Now, you may ask why it is taking so long?

It depends on the way states are counting. Let’s see the current situation of the battleground.

Arizona (11 votes):

It is said that Biden has around 500,000 votes (still counting), more results will are still coming. You can check the latest updates on the official website.

Nevada (6 votes):

Biden has the narrow lead. The postal votes haven’t been counted, but unofficial results are still coming.

Georgia (16 votes):

Here, Trump is on a very narrow lead. However, by now, the updates may differ.

Pennsylvania (20 votes):

The counting from the mail ballets is still going on. Mr. Trump is leading Mr. Biden so far; however, the mail ballots tend to go Democratic. So, as per the analysts; “anything is possible.”

Wisconsin (10) and Michigan (16):

It looks like Biden will be winning Michigan.

However, the final results are still waiting. The updates can be confirmed only from the official website. Let’s see who wins the battle.

Note: Votes counting and numbers may vary.

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