Which department at Kroger is best to work?


Are you thinking to change your department at Kroger? Want to know which department is better so you can switch or are you planning to apply at Kroger in the coming months and wants to know the details of the best department at Kroger? If yes then this blog guide is for you! Today we will share how you can choose the departments according to pay scale and workload etc.


In this regard, one of the current employees wrote on the public Kroger forum that “he’s thinking to change his department as he wants to work in something fun and more laid paid department.” In this concern, we can suggest that you need to see whether you’re like a people person or you want to work in the back end.

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If you are someone who’s good with people, you should definitely need to work in the grocery section/department. You can make good sales but the workload might be a bit more compare to the backend job. You can choose in between these or you can discuss with your HR manager regarding this issue or confusion. He will sign your approval letter in this concern.

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