Why Construction worker is in more danger in Covid-19 


Corona Virus has taken the world by storm and no one is saved from this virus! Now, people who are working in the field need to be a bit more careful.


As these recent studies specify the virus could be spread from people who have symptoms. A person could be infected with COVID-19. For the spread of the virus, but we are still learning more about the virus. There may be people who are at high risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus such as workers in the open field and construction field.

In this new study, the researcher has found construction workers’ rates are high and increasing daily admitting to hospital with COVID-19 compared to other workers.

While, the recent report shows that an MVA worker dies in Maryland due to COVID, and others have had their test and their test shows positive. The rate is going up every day.

While, previously, the data it collected during its assemblage in March and August hospitalization in Austin, Texas, was used to find that workers many times more people in occupations to hospitalized with COVID-19. The study authors suggested that the biggest weakness may be due to continued construction work while social distance maintained is still continued.

“It doesn’t mean we need ban the construction work,” said Lauren Ansell Myers, director of the COVID-19 Modeling Consortium at the University of Texas at Austin. “This means that great efforts in good work and safety at work.” There should be some rules and sanitation required to slow the virus in these fields.

While the study authors added to regular COVID-19 testing in working with contact and detected cases will also help limit the spread. It will help the workers to indicate the virus at its earliest stage and it can save other workers as well. But of course, we need to make compulsory to wear masks all the time and precautions against Covid-19. Now we hope that we follow the proper sop’s to stay safe! Comment below your thoughts on it.

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