Why did Kroger not allow the Face Masks that Support the Black Lives Matter Movement?


Some employees have claimed on the internet that Kroger store did not allow Black lives matter face masks or T-shirts to be worn. Let’s go through some fact checks.


What is the BLM Movement?

Let’s rewind our memories and remember why the Black Lives Matter Movement had started. The few names that surfaced because people raised their voices; R.I.P. Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, Stephon Clark, Philando Castille, Michael Cusseaux, Eric Garner, and Tanisha Anderson. However, these names do not even cover a small percentage of the people who were murdered; not be pedestrians or terrorists, but by the caretakers of America, the police. Many people came out to their support demanding justice for them. This all took place at the start of 2020, during COVID-19. Hence, T-shirts and face masks were made with the BLM logo for support.

kroger black lives matter movement

Other Movements supported by The Kroger Company

This company has been known to support all movements that took place. A few of those movements would be Breast Cancer Awareness week, Pride 2020, and a lot more. They are known for being charitable and supporting to all customers. This same company refused to let employees wear face masks in support of Black Lives Matter.

Statements were given by Kroger

The first statement was about their uniforms being clean, simple, and decent. They stated that no words, logos, or abbreviations should be visible on clothing. Aprons should be worn by all associates to show that they are present to serve the customers, communities, and also each other. The question that arose here was of the logos the Kroger Company made them wear for other movements. Many employees wanted to ask their employers why this movement was not given the same treatment, but instead, rejected in a polite way.

The second statement by them showed that they care about their customers and employees. Hence they got in contact with a black-owned supplier and got custom wristbands with two options; one to show their support to the black community and the other was to show their values that are there to guide them. These wristbands were distributed among the employees in July. They claimed that they work to give a workplace that is inspiring, comprehensive, and consistent with their values. Their values include integrity, honesty, diversity, inclusion, safety, and respect. The company said that they could not adjust their uniforms, rules, or policies for those who want to show support to their communities. The employees wanted to wear supporting clothes, face masks, and other accessories. The company said they want all to feel heard and not invisible, but wristbands did not do that completely.

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Wristbands Kroger got customized

The Kroger Company stated that they care about their customers and employees. They want them all to feel heard and loved. They said that they could not let their employees upgrade their uniforms. The company took it on them to get wristbands made for all those in support. They got in contact with a black-owned supplier who made two options of wristbands for the employees. One was to represent their commitment to stand together with their black associates, customers, and communities against racism. The other one was to serve as a reminder of their values that guide. These wristbands were distributed in July.

Does Kroger donate to Black Lives Matter?

One more incident happened in July 2020. This was regarding the Black Lives Matter as well. A fake receipt had surfaced on the web. The receipt had a BLM charge printed on it, which was 59 cents. The case of this BLM charge was investigated by ‘13News’. The 13news revealed that the charge was actually for change shortage. So, we can see that a huge company that supports all movements and donates every year does not support Black Lives Matter.

kroger black lives matter movement

Are a few dollars really worth the lives of those murdered

There are many accusations that Bloomfield Kroger employees were not allowed to wear the face masks in support due to the few customers calling to complain. The question that comes after this would be, “Are a few dollars really worth the lives of those murdered?” The company did what they had to in order to keep their customers from leaving. The Kroger store wants to earn but many think they need to learn. They did not completely refuse to support this cause but they did not make it clear that they support it either.

Are wristbands as eye-catching?

If one was to say on a personal level, then wristbands do not seem to be very eye-catching and alluring. They do not have huge printings on them which can alarm a person of some important cause. If wristbands are not of good quality then it will not be long before they wash out. If we think of all the pros and cons of making wristbands an alternative then cons definitely weigh a lot more. Hence, there exists a problem of using them as an alternative use. The wrist bands were not forced upon the employees either unlike other logos of past movements.

What this says about Kroger as a High-Quality Company

If we sift through all the facts and figures, there are a huge number of those that go against the company, making it look bad in the eyes of others. It can easily create false assumptions in the hearts of those who already have their doubts and queries. The argument that would arise in their minds is that it is nothing but a company that would do anything to get a few more customers and a lot more dollars. These arguments cannot be good for the face of Kroger as a company. A few amount of people had even went to the extents of boycotting from shopping there. This did not affect the daily income a lot as the amount was a lot less than those who did not support the cause.


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