Why do people think that Kroger’s New App is A Disaster?


Kroger one of the largest and finest grocery retailers in the America. Kroger have more than 3300 stores across states. Quite recently, Kroger launched a mobile app “FEED” which has many features and it was created to give access and make it easier for its user.


But wait what the users said about it on the public Kroger help forum? Well, they think it’s a Disaster! Now, you must be wondering why if you haven’t downloaded yet! Here’s the full details about it! Swipe down to continue reading the blog!

kroger feed mobile app for the employees

Here is the Official Feed App for the Employees

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Why users think it’s Kroger’s Mobile App “Kroger Feed” Disaster?

One of the Kroger employee stated about the app the it is not the best. Previously, they have launched an app which good, but they haven’t updated that and launched this new app which is going to fail!

“They tried an app years ago with great people. It got outdated and never was updated. I bet this Feed app will be the same way. It will never work and give an error when you try to log in. I cannot believe people commenting on it. It’s going to fail people.”

While, some of the users, complained that the app looks like the browser and they have to zoom in and select the option! Also, they feel like it’s takes really long to schedule on the app. While, another user said regarding app that “The app is decent but it takes serval tries at times to log in, or even get the ‘i accept’ button to work.

Right now, i can’t even use the app because it won’t let me click anything.” Similarly, another user stated that “The app is more difficult to use than the website. Can’t even see your eschedule without signing in again and they buried the eschedule button to make it difficult to find. The menu doesn’t have links that you expect to find and none of the other sites (like ExpressHR) show up when you finally figure out where they go. Don’t bother with the app, as annoying as signing in multiple times to get the one piece of information you’re looking for, the website is much better.”

Now, this is the reason why this mobile app by Kroger is considered to be a disaster. But Kroger is working on it and will updating the app with better layout soon. Hope this will solve all issues of the users etc.

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