Why employees at Kroger feels forgotten with No Pay Rise?


We all know how covid-19 our lives difficult and adjusting to new normal is quite nearly impossible with daily increasing number of cases and new vaccines doses. It is more stressed full time specially, for workers who worked in pandemic and still working! But this can be quiet challenging as, Kroger’s employees feel like that they are being forgotten with no pay rise at all. Here’s the what their employee’s think regarding this serious issue.


Mr., Tony working at Kroger and he said that It was a stressful 10 months for him, he works as Cash Saver, a grocery chain, in Guthrie, Oklahoma. he was helping oversee about 40 anxious employees during a deadly pandemic outbreak, vigilantly disinfecting counters in the store and worrying about transmitting the coronavirus to her elderly mother while delivering products. Vaccine news boosted his spirits at first, but his optimism faded when he learned that Oklahoma grocery workers would not be eligible until spring.

Another employee working at Kroger said that “When they said we were in Stage 3, I wanted to laugh,” said Sukwell, 45. “We are as close to as many patients as with people who are not sick, just like healthcare workers, because we will always be open to providing food to the public. “The health care workers are heroes in my eyes,” she added. “But we are forgotten.”

Now, the government and store chains are trying their best to give their employees, vaccine as soon as possible. But with the race to distribute vaccines and the emergence of more contagious variants of COVID-19 have once again shed light on the plight of grocery workers in the United States. The industry has bellowed in the last year as Americans stay home and shun restaurants. But in most cases, this did not translate into additional pay for their workers. After Long Beach, California, mandated paying grocery workers a risk allowance, grocery giant Kroger responded last week by saying it was shutting down two locations.

Another worker Bertha Ayala, who works at Food 4 Less in Long Beach, California, was overjoyed after the city issued a decree last month requiring her Kroger-owned store to pay an additional $ 4 per hour of “hero wage” to compensate them for the risks they face. “I love my job,” Ayala said. “But it was very stressful.” She said the extra pay was welcome given the rising cost of living in Southern California and as confirmation of her sacrifices in going to work.

Previously, the Kroger had closed the Food4Less in Long Beach, California, in response to a city demand to increase “hero wages” by $ 4 an hour for workers during the pandemic. In response to the closing Kroger sent the message to its employees of the closed stores “Kroger sends a message, more than anything else,” said Andrea Zinder, head of Local 324 at United Food and Commercial Workers, which represents about 160 employees of the two stores. “They are trying to intimidate workers and communities: If you go through these kinds of ordinances, there will be consequences.” Now, due to this reason all employees feel forgotten and demanding a slight increasement in their pays. What are your thoughts on it? Are you an employee at Kroger? What is your take on this matter? Share with us in the comment section below!

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