Why Facebook employees Try Hard to Spread Good Impact Contempt


It’s no new news as Facebook is always highlighted and comes in negative light serval times. Given the current conditions, it has been a very problematic time for Facebook as this social platform several times ran into problems related to hate speech, disinformation, questions about regional data restrictions, management of content moderation personnel, and more.


While, during the highly tense hour of the COVID-19 pandemic, there are a lot of restrictions around the world, while Facebook and its employees have tried its best to deal with the upcoming issues regarding the aforementioned issues.

The main problem with Facebook’s policies for implementing new measures and systems that would combat the current issues as mentioned above is that they are not working and not much work has been done regarding this. According to a recent internal survey on The Social Network, it was found that Facebook employees, who had a very positive perception of their company and its impact on the well-being of society, even these employees began to question Facebook’s effects on the world.

According to the recent [Facebook] from Pulse’s bi-annual survey, conducted by more than 49,000 employees over the course of two weeks in October, showed that employees felt nervous about office closures, and this causes workers to lose confidence in the fact that Facebook was improving the world.

It can be seen that 51% of defendants showed that they be certain of Facebook has had a positive impact on the world, dropping to 23 percentage points from the company’s last survey in May and dropping to 5.5 percentage points from the same period last year.

While from the decline, it is obvious that even high-ranking Facebook employees who are not only Facebook policymakers but also someone who knows why such policies are being implemented are questioning Facebook’s motives.

It can be seen through Facebook engineer Ashok Chandwaney resigning from the company last year because Facebook failed to address issues related to intolerance, misinformation, and incitement to violence. Several other Facebook employees left this social platform to lobby the same concerns as previously mentioned by Ashok Chandwaney.

This led to the conclusion about Facebook that this platform is not concerned with dangerous and divisive hate speech, but is actually more concerned with its growth, because of such speeches, people argue, interact and interact more than what makes them a reason to draw. More people on the platform. Now we hope that people understand that it very tough duty to let everyone follow the rules and not cross the line. The Facebook team works really hard to make it better. Comment below to let us know your thoughts on it!

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