Why I’m not unable to log into Greatpeople.com Kroger?


Just joined Kroger or new at Kroger? Want to know what is the starting wage you will get? If yes then this blog is for you! As one of the newly joined employees posted his concern on the Kroger public forum.


While they stated regarding the issue they are currently facing: I type in my info and it still shows the log-in screen. Can someone please help me?

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According to the problem which you are facing with the greatpeople.com portal. First of all you need to check if there’s any maintenance going on the portal. If not then you need to check if you logging in with the correct method? For your ease here’s how you can log into Kroger greatpeople.com step by step method:

First of all, you need to go to the log-in page and from there you need to enter into your Kroger employee account. By visiting the great people employee login portal at https://greatpeople.me.

  • On the GreatPeople homepage, go to the Login section.
  • Enter the employee’s enterprise user ID.
  • Enter your account password.
  • Read the Company Information Security Policy and click I Agree to access your employee account.
  • Once logged into your account, all Kroger workforces can access their online services, benefit from company news and updates, and even contact Human Resources. great people Portal is the leading access portal for company-related information.

If you are not able to log in or the portal is not letting sign in then you may need to refresh your page and clear your caches and then try to follow the step-by-step method again. If you are still facing any issues regarding greatpeople.com then feel free to reach out to us through the comment section below!

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