Why Jewish Community Protesting At Kroger? More Details Below?


According to the recent news, Jewish community was protesting at the Kroger grocery store. While, the Jewish community resented Kroger’s closure of Ralphs at Pico Robertson.


One of the protestor Zev Horowitz, a resident of Pico Robertson said that he dedicates the Ralphs neighborhood. He loves the in-store kosher sushi and the low prices, and the late-night hours make shopping easy for the busy dad.

Why Jewish Community Protesting At Kroger

While, the store is closing due to hazard pay rule and Kroger sales went down as per official statement. Furthermore, Ralphs blamed the city’s risk allowance state. Long Beach Ralphs, Food 4 fewer stores to close over $ 4 “push hero” grocery workers. Another client said I usually visit four times a week. Horowitz, 27, said on his mobile phone as he wandered the aisles of the store last month.

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Now, the store on Pico Boulevard and Beverwil Drive is closed, and the news comes amid a political standoff between the city and the grocery chain. Ralphs opened in 1996. Ralphs’ owner Kroger is closing, as well as another store in South LA and Food 4 Less in East Hollywood, after the Los Angeles City Council voted in February to require supermarkets to pay an additional $ 5 workers an hour for about four months. The stores will close on May 15th. What are your views on it? Let us know in the comment section below!

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