Why Kroger Employee Feel that they’re not treated Fair?


It’s been months since Kroger employees have been facing issues regarding contracts, bonus to “hero pay”. But Kroger is not solving or taking any action which is required to let their workforces know that they’re treated right. Quite recently, one employee posted on public Kroger forum that he have been treating really bad and management is not taking any action.


Here’s what he posted on the public Kroger forum “This incident was a long time ago, but I’m concerned for my life. One day while on cart duty I saw lighting and told my manager if I could stay in, and she said how are our customers going to shop.

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I am horrified that the next time I do cart duty while there’s lighting, I may die what should I do?” Another workforce shared his recent incident about bad management. That Management sent myself and the other co-worker out there last week while it was still going on (we were seeing bolts on the horizon and clearly hearing thunder). Because we had no carts in our main entrance. Zero. None of them. And management asked us to bring it in the thunderstorm and lighting.

Now, in this case we can propose that you can write a letter to Kroger head administration, to look into this matter as can be quite stressful for anyone. Also, there’s another way you can post your concern on Kroger portal where you can start discussion to let the management know about it. We hope that Kroger will start treating their employees fairly.

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