Why Kroger Employee Feels That Face Mask needs to be Mandatory?


Recently, the news has been circulating about few grocery stores are lifting mask ban. Now, all frontline grocery works are super worried.


In this regard one employee Marilyn Reese, who works at Kroger’s chief bakery clerk in Pittsville, Mississippi, began noticing more customers walking around the store without masks this month after the state’s mandate to wear face coverings was revoked.

Why Kroger Employee Feels That Face Mask needs to be Mandatory

Kroger is still asking for them, but that doesn’t seem to matter.

Another customer who expressed her thoughts and view, 56-year-old Reese sees these shoppers, she prays. She said, “Please, don’t let me wait for them, because in my heart I don’t want to ignore them, and I don’t want to reject them.” “But then I think I don’t want to get sick and die either. It’s not that people are bad, but you don’t know who’s in contact.”

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Retail and fast-food workers share Reyes’ growing anxiety in states like Mississippi and Texas, as governments removed mandates for masks before most people were vaccinated and while worrisome new varieties of the coronavirus emerged. It feels like a return to the early days of the pandemic, when companies said customers should wear masks but there was no legal requirement and many shoppers simply refused.

Many workers say their stores do not enforce this requirement, and that if they approach customers, they risk verbal or physical quarrels. “I was given a great false sense of safety, and it’s not different now than it was a year ago,” said Reese, who has yet to receive a vaccine because of the allergy. “The only difference we have now is that people are getting vaccinated but not enough people have been vaccinated that they should have lifted the mandate.” Now, what is your take on this? Is lifting the mask ban okay? Or should government be considering putting the restriction back? Let us know in the comment section below!

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