Why Kroger employees are upset over union contract negotiation?


Kroger one of the largest grocery giants in America has still not come to the final terms with their union employees on the contract negotiation. While all the employee union upset over contract negotiation further, they stated that all the members feel the company hasn’t gone far enough. However, there is still no agreement between Kroger and their employee union insight. They have already been contacted. But many union members are still unhappy with the company’s contract.


Why Kroger employees are upset over union contract negotiation

Furthermore, all the members within the union have already voted against Kroger’s contract proposal where they said they “overwhelmed rejected” it. They are still not happy. All the employees have requested to look into the changes. The final meeting within the union will take place tonight and it is expected that the union will do few minor changes in the contract. Furthermore, the union says some members may have a problem or two, but others may address several issues. It is not clear exactly what those concerns are.

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Here is the official statement by the union employees: “they said that the Kroger needs to listen to what their workers are saying. They are here every day in the stores. They are the people who are face to face with customers, especially in the last year in the pandemic. They have been very loyal to the company. The things they care about the most and try to address.”

While the union has not responded back to the employee’s demands. However the union plans to vote this week and hopes to decide on Friday. The union then says that they will decide whether or not to accept the company’s proposal, and if they do not, they will discuss the next steps.

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