Why Kroger employees are worried and facing a new shock from a store fire?


We all know that the recent incidents at Kroger grocery chain have left the employee worried. They are already suffering from huge risk as they’re working in pandemic. Now, the recent attacks in Colorado and New York added a new layer of vulnerability to millions of supermarket employees: “I don’t feel safe,” Joel Loomis remembers seeing police cars racing toward the Kroger store.


He recalls hearing reports of an active shooter. And mostly, he remembers the picture he saw on YouTube that still haunted him: his 25-year-old manager, motionless, near the self-propelled zone, where he had said to her hello the day before.

Why Kroger employees are worried and facing a new shock from a store fire

Now, another incident which took place in the six weeks that have passed since a gunman killed 10 people.  Including his manager and two co-workers – at the King Soopers Market in Boulder, Loomis came to avoid crowds and public spaces. He is sad, angry, and anxious, and after months of working on the front lines of the pandemic, exhausted. A lot of Kroger employee are quitting, and others are still too anxious to talk about what happened,” said the 21-year-old cashier. “Wherever I go now, I look at people, I think, ‘Does he have an assault rifle? Was that a gunshot? How do I escape? ”

The Boulder attack and other fatal grocery store shootings, including one last month on Long Island, underscore a new layer of vulnerability for millions of grocery workers.  Who are already overwhelmed by greater workloads, longer working hours, and heightened health risks? During the epidemic plus year.

According to the Public health experts say prolonged stress can lead to depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, heart disease and other conditions. Bethany Brand, a professor of psychology at Towson University in Maryland who specializes in trauma, said they are now dealing with other stresses.

Further he said that “Statistically speaking, the odds of a grocery worker being killed at work are very slim, but that’s not the way our brains work,” she said. “The impact of these events is real, with the high levels of stress and anxiety for many employees.”

One of the Kroger employee said that ‘It feels like a war zone’: As more of them die, grocery workers are increasingly afraid to show up at work. Even workers not directly affected by the shooting say they struggle to sleep and are afraid to go to work, as they face the constant threat of armed violence in the workplace. This is very concerning for all the frontline workers working in this pandemic. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below.

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