Why Kroger is behind in Dropping Mask Requirement? Here’s why


According to the recent statements by the Kroger the largest grocery retail in USA. They have not dropped the mask requirements. While many store chains update guidelines, Kroger still requires masks for all customers.


More large retail chains are updating their mask policies by following new guidelines from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Which we highlighted in our previous blog. Here the official statement. “The CDC announced Friday that fully vaccinated Americans can “resume activities without wearing a mask or physical distancing, except as required by federal, state, state, tribal, or regional laws, rules, and regulations, including local work and workplace guidelines.”

Why Kroger is behind in Dropping Mask Requirement

While the other foremost stores, including Walmart and Costco, proximately began updating their guidelines to allow vaccinated customers to go unmasked at their stores. More followed suit the two. Target, Kohls, and Meijer are among the newest. But Kroger still requires masks for all clients.

Here’s what the shoppers are saying about it. “I don’t mind it. I’ve got both of my shots, but I’m still trying to be careful because you don’t know who got them yet. I’m kind of apprehensive about that,” said Judy Blackford. She lives within walking distance of downtown Kroger and has said whether or not the Kroger changes its policy, she will continue shopping in the store several times each week. She said, “I can’t stop.” “I have to put it in the hand of God.”

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While, the one of the workforce Geoffrey Wilkins, at Kroger’s clients from Price Hill, said he believes Kroger is doing the right thing by delaying her policy change. “It might be a good idea,” he said. “It is better to be safe than sorry.” Wilkins said he decided to get the vaccine and received both doses. However, he wonders how much experts know about the effectiveness of the vaccine and wants to make sure that it does not put himself or others at risk. He said, “Maybe I’ll keep wearing it until they know for sure, because as I said, it’s better to be safe.” We totally agree with him, as it is better to stay safe and follow SOP’S than to be sorry! What is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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