Why Kroger is cutting hours? While Customers waiting in lines


Kroger is always in news, whether it is bad or good but they know how stay in news. Now, quite recently few of the customers have highlighted and pointed the attention that Kroger is cutting their employees Customers continue to expect longer check out wait times. Kroger is cutting hours company wide and making their customers waiting longer in the lines.


Here’s what the people said about this on Kroger public forum” Clients The days of your being able to access the registry without waiting have expired. Kroger has fewer employees than usual and they keep cutting hours more frequently. This comes from the companies as every store and employee feels a bit about it. We are barely running half the skeleton crew as it is. And will the elderly who despise self-scrutiny stop this every time I pass. We know we’re a little under the staff, and you don’t have to chew our ears rudely, then you’re a dollar for it. Come on now you must have a brain and God gave you one to use. It will be worse at night. No cashier after 8pm I like it or not. This is troubling all of the clients and even employees as well.”

While, about this issue one employee who is currently, working at Kroger stated that “Hell, if you had a decision to get unemployment or work, what would you do? Yes, there are many hardworking people, but there are a larger number of people taking the “easy” way out until they can’t any longer. Yes, hours are always being cut or reallocated, but part of the issue is hot having the volume of applications to actually get a higher qualify worker. As your store stopped hiring? With there are so many people without jobs, why haven’t they applied? it’s all a cycle, remember when Walmart never had more than 1 cashier open? Didn’t they high more cashiers? The company will be going the same thing sooner than later….at some point all the Pickup orders will be shipped in and all those Associates picking will be in other positions.” Now, what is your take on this? Have you experience the same? Or if you are working at Kroger what are your thoughts on this? Is Kroger being fair? Let us know in the comment section below!

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