Why Kroger Workers Feeling Associate Morale down Spiral?


Working in a good atmosphere is very healthy for your health and for your overall working performance. Many companies prefer giving a proper talk, workshop on this topic to tackle the low morale at the work to due to some issues.


Now, in this esteem, one worker at Kroger posted his concern on the Kroger public forum. He stated that “I have been around a good while, living through Key Retailing, Customer 1st, District Realignment, Downsizing and seeing the downfall Standards. But recently it has become the worst, Massive Store Management Resignations etc.

Stores Staffing is being downsized (Compare Total Store Hours without Click List to years past, but tonnage up). New Hires taking weeks getting through the New Hiring Process, New Hires changing avail/working outside of seniority calling off if they do not get their way.  Anyone else having Department Heads/Assistants going all the work in their departments? or Assistants being promoted too early? I’m seeing more and more people are quitting the job just because of this reason. While Kind words from management and corporate would help morale a lot. Not the usual everyone is bad, your department is bad, get faster, labour hours is fine (ELMS!).

While in this regard what you can do is address this issue to the HR manager or you could write it anonymously to your higher management. Enriching the staff is always a better idea and appreciating them especially in this hard time of the pandemic.

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