Why Kroger’s CEO is all over the news? Details Below


Recently, Kroger have been in news for all the wrong reasons. First, they had close various stores due to “hero pay” after that Kroger’s CEO yearly profit salary figures went viral. Now, on Kroger’s Public forum many employees and people are sharing the link where CEO’s gave interview and stated his views etc.


According to the employees, they said on the forum that clearly increasing $15 to $20 will be enough? In this regard one employee stated that “   $ 2.00 full? As a “hero” who pays to work through the epidemic and then decides to stop it, only to win more than $ 22 billion? What kind of nonsense is this? I don’t condone theft, but I am now starting to understand why some employees help themselves with the registry and give themselves bonuses in some cases.

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Here’s the statement which Kroger’s CEO in the interview regarding this concern. “The median wage for Kroger workers decreased 8% to $ 24,600 per year. However, full-time Kroger workers received a bonus a year ago: $ 300. The Cincinnati-based company, the nation’s largest supermarket chain, employs about 465,000 people. Early last year, McMullen proudly announced a $ 2 per hour risk increase – which he called the “hero reward” – for store and warehouse employees who continued to work as they risked contracting the coronavirus. But the bounty was cut in May 2020, even as COVID-19 soars, sparking a storm of controversy. The risk allowance is disappearing. Bloomberg noted at the time that the risk is not. “How do you go from hero to zero while there is still a pandemic?” One worker asked. Kroger closed stores this year instead of complying with city ordinances requiring grocery store workers to pay a risk allowance. Many of employees said that this is not enough increasing just $20 wage is not enough. What are your views? Let us know in the comment section below!

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