Why Kroger’s Fuel Station Plan Got Rejected?


According to the news, Kroger withdrew a plan on this Thursday to add a gas station to its Sixth Street store after it became clear that the City of Findlay Planning Commission would reject it.


Why Kroger’s Fuel Station Plan Got RejectedOne of the finest grocer store Kroger wanted to build a gas station with five pumps in an area now occupied by a car park and vacant lawn east of the store. But city planners were concerned that the filling station would add traffic hazards at a site already struggling with congestion.

Furthermore, it’s rare for Findlay’s mayor to speak so forcefully against anything at a planning committee meeting. But Mayor Christina Morin did exactly that after a representative from V3 Companies, speaking for Kroger, rejected city managers’ recommendations that the board of directors reject Kroger’s request for the station.

In addition, “To be completely honest, I was a little surprised,” he said. “We meet the standards of the zoning code. At one point in his presentation, the representative read the zoning code to the committee: “Section 1161.155 of the Zoning Code provides for “Minutes later, it’s over.

Maureen said, “My comments could be harsh.” “I grew up in that neighborhood, two streets away … This is the grocery store I grew up in. It’s not working effectively. “I agree that you meet all the criteria as indicated in the zoning symbol. What we have to consider is the overall impact on the neighborhood, safety and overall functionality.

“I struggle to think that this would be appropriate and not cause significant disruption and points of conflict. Not only can it be a frustrating and efficient experience, it can be a huge safety hazard due to the volume of people walking there,” “You will have points of conflict with pedestrians. This is not a very wise place for many vehicles to try to pass through, people unloading and loading.”

Committee member Dan Klinger said the proposed Kroger station would negatively impact neighboring homeowners. Many residents expressed concern that the gas station would add to existing traffic hazards, troublesome truck deliveries and already lighting up the store.

Many residents vehemently opposed the Kroger gas station plans. That left the planners to decide whether to prepare the company plan or to deny it altogether. A Kroger representative for V3 Companies asked the Planning Committee to put it on the agenda. But this was problematic: Rolling out the proposal might call Krueger back with revisions, when nothing can solve a fundamental problem. Now, what are your thoughts on it? Don’t forget to comment your views on it in the comment section below!

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