Why McDonald’s Success Sets Off Economic Alarm Bells?


If you are looking up for someone optimistic you might want to ask the Mcdonalds franchise.


Kalinowski Equity Research issued a survey report that reports they are saying that Mcdonald’s franchisees are more optimistic than they were in over a decade. The reports say it is optimistic about the future of Mcdonalds.

And Mcdonalds which reported a 5% rise in its sales and its share rose by 16% for the year. It is not just Mcdonalds alone but Papa John’s, Domino’s, and Wingstop all announced recently a double-digit rise in their sales in quarter 3 of 2020, the wall street journal reported that even independent restaurants have shown an increase in their sales.

This is quite a reversal. As of a year ago, fast-food chains were struggling to make business.  But now this trend is led by people liking Shake shack and chipotle which, these chains provided the customers healthier options in their menus which made fast-food chains use good ingredients which the customers will pay an extra amount for.

Other fast-food chains and restaurant are also using the ideas of big chains by introducing shakes and other menu items on drive-thru as Shake Shack will open its first drive-thru in 2021 with eight new walks up windows and the brand like Chipotle which have opened its 100th drive-thru this year is planning to open up 80 to 100 more drive-thru lanes on their restaurants. Starbucks is also looking up for drive-thru lanes to compete with its rivals like Dunkin Donuts.

The other fast food stores are also borrowing the idea from other fast-food chains to introduce the thing on their menus like salad, soup and pizzas were introduced by other chains like Panera’s, and Pret a Manger also trying to enhance their food delivery operations and they are also trying to lure their consumers with unlimited coffee subscriptions.

Now you can say that its clear after the covid-19 that fast iodization of normal restaurants is a way to keep up with the demands of the consumers as we all know that the life after virus spread in the world has caused people to change their eating habits and their lifestyle is also changed.

So many of the restaurants are working on the ways they conduct their business, and change concerning the changes in the lifestyle of the population of the world.

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