Why some shoppers complaining that Kroger is charging their debit card twice?


Technology is making our lives easier and more convenient as now you can save your time by ordering your grocery on your phone, and pick it up after a few hours. But we would warn anyone using a debit card for their order after two WCPO viewers complained to one of the largest grocery stores Kroger about their checking account overdraft when shopping at Kroger.


Tom Fairbanks of North Avondale loves to order groceries and loves to use the Kroger Pickup. He further said regarding the issue that when I was going to take my wife to dinner on Saturday night, and she went into my bank account and asked me about the payment deduction” Fairbanks said.

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So, he looked at his debit card statement and found out that he was charged $94 when the pickup was made, and then $89 for the actual order the next day. That left his $82 checking account in the red, leaving him unable to use his debit card all weekend.

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In terms of his bank, tom said, it’s as if he went out and bought a load of groceries, went out the next day, and bought those same groceries again. “It ended up being $183 for my small order of $89,” he said. Further, he stated that he got to know that he has been deducted twice from his card and he called the bank and learned that it was a “temporary hold for a debit card.” While, another shopper, Pat Kincaid, also complained about deduction as it happened to her for the first time, hitting her debit card over $140 twice, when she finally placed an order.

However, Kroger said that the pickup site Kroger warns debit card users about this, saying, “When you place an order, your bank places an authorization on your card to confirm the card’s validity. The reservation should be released within 3 to 7 business days.” Additionally, the same thing happens with Kroger gas pumps. Where your debit card is pressed to make sure you have at least $100 in your checking account, even before you pump a drop of gasoline.

While, the Kroger spokeswoman Jane Moore tells us that nothing changed at the end of last year, which means that some banks may now hold the initial fee for a longer period, before releasing the funds.

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