Why Washington state man refused COVID-19 vaccine in Peoria Kroger?


According to the recent statement, rick Hickman has recently retired and not hindered by anything; he made the trip from Washington state to Illinois in December 2019. He further said I thought I’d come for a visit, just to hang out here for a little while. Watch the family. Watch the things I just read about in textbooks.


I’ve never got here and hit.” He ended up in the hospital twice and was diagnosed with respiratory failure. After a few months, the word Coronavirus has become part of our vocabulary. “My current state of health I couldn’t do it. I wouldn’t be near anyone and I’m still in fairly good isolation and hoping for the best.”

According to reports, last month, he made an appointment to get a COVID-19 vaccine at Kroger on North Lindberg Road in Peoria, thinking he qualified. When the lady looked at my driver’s license, she said you are not a resident of Illinois, so I can’t get the vaccine. I was kind of spooked, and I said what and she said it’s state law. Hickman said he understands that countries only get a lot of vaccinations, but he feels like we’re in a national pandemic, if you’re willing to roll up your sleeve, you should be able to get vaccinated wherever you are. Common sense was completely absent from this scenario and I’m sure I’m not the only one. I can’t be the only one.”

In addition, each state can decide whether to vaccinate only residents or give anyone an injection. As far as Illinois decided, an Illinois Department of Public Health spokesperson said in part: While local health departments had the option to limit vaccinations to residents, pharmacies were open to everyone. If a person made an appointment and was not able to provide proof of residency, they still had to be vaccinated.” – Melanie Arnold, IDPH Media Officer

So why did Hickman turn away from Kroger? Kroger pharmacists were among the first healthcare providers to introduce vaccinations in Illinois. Since then, we’ve administered thousands of doses across the state. Early concerns about local distribution have subsided as the federal government broadens vaccine availability. We’ve always done our best to serve it up.” “Patients in Illinois and beyond, and we will continue to do so, because our priority is the health of our communities.” – Eric Halvorson, Kroger Corporate Affairs Director

Since being denied a vaccine, Hickman has received two doses of Pfizer thanks to the help of his local doctors, which he says he is grateful to. His grandparents survived the Spanish flu as he tries to outrun COVID-19. He said that if he had contracted the virus, he would not think he would be able to overcome it. This is why he is not planning to return to Washington state any time soon, despite the fact that the CDC says if you have been vaccinated fully, you can resume domestic travel without having to be tested before or after or self-quarantine after your trip. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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