Why Workers are leaving Kroger?


We know that Kroger is growing and it is one of the largest grocery retailer in market. But do they provide better atmosphere to their employees? This question made us all confused as one of the ex-employees left kroger and posted on kroger public forum how kroger have been treating them in the past with piles of work.


In this regard, he posted on Kroger public forum that “ If you qualify, it will hand you more work without pay. Their business plan isn’t just about retaining employees, but getting the next person with a base salary and little or no benefits. But I did loved my management team, but I could see constant visits from companies making them fear for their livelihood.

These people work 12 extra hours a day for likely $ 55,000 and countless hours of stress. Our management team did what they could but I know they are worried about their jobs. This is the main reason I left my job from kroger and joined other company.

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Another employee posted his experience by stating “ I don’t recommend working for Kroger. The only good part is the health benefits and vacations, but stress is high even at the most basic employee level. Management and companies are horrible. Managers face harassment even at home and departments are working on skeletal kits. They squeeze the blood from the turnip. The first few months of the pandemic spread were a garbage fire and the supervisor was fired for nothing after handling everything. It is a company joke. The benefits get worse with each union contract. It gives employees something to make them look good in the media. The workload was massive, signifying no real sign of stress during the shift about work-related things or anything in general was frowned upon, unless mixed with a joke. I felt there was no one in the top positions that I felt completely safe to talk to and ask for help. Now, what do you think? Have your worked in kroger or are you currently working at kroger? Let us know your experience about in the comment section below!

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