Williston Walmart employee wins the National Recipe Contest

Walmart is one of the finest and leading grocery chains globally. They have maintained their relationship with employees and clients quite nicely. Also, at Walmart, it’s not always about work!! Recently, their worker participated in retail festive competitions. More details in the blog below!

Recently, a Walmart worker in Williston won a national recipe rivalry competition accommodated and presented by the retail giant. The worker who works at Wal-Mart, Ms. Debbie Rolston has been at Walmart for 13 years and has been cooking some amazing recipes which are passed down in her family for generations.

Furthermore, Ms. Debbie said she didn’t imagine to be one of three nationwide winners when she introduced Top Michigan Pies a month ago. Debbie grew up in Michigan, and she said the win is even more special because of the memories she connects to the recipe. She has learned this recipe from granny and felt proud to show something quite close to her heart.

Besides, she stated that she will never forget how in her teenagers she used to stay at her grandmothers’ home for two weeks in the summer and help her roll out and fill the dough. It’s something you’ll never forget, said Debbie Rolston. While, she said that winning the competition fortified her to present the delicious pastry recipe in other competitions, and help others acquire new opportunities.

Further, she said that “I plan to sway my co-workers to join things like this. Like me, most of them are chickens to try anything, get out of your ease zone, you know?” Debbie said, “It was a great experience.” Debbie was one of 2 million Walmart Associates invited to submit a recipe for the competition. We love this sort of festive competitions where the workers can portray their skills and have fun. Let us know what are your thought on it! Comment below!

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