Women arrested at Eureka from Costco warehouse as she refused to wear a face mask


Costco recently made changes to its face-covering policy as it made wearing a face-covering compulsory even for those who have certain medical conditions. The grocery giant announced on its website that those who experience medical conditions that prevent them from wearing face masks should wear a face shield.


The rule was made compulsory if any member, guest, or employee wished to enter the store, and apparently, Costco is taking its face-covering policy extremely seriously as a woman was recently arrested in Costco’s store in Eureka for refusing to wear a face mask, reports lostcoastoutpost.com.

A video released by a shopper at Costco shows the women arguing with the grocery store’s employees and questioning why people keep getting ill with covid-19 if the masks prevent exposure to the virus. However, Outpost reports that the Spokesperson of Eureka Police Department, Brittany Powell while speaking to Outpost told that the woman was merely detained on suspicion of robbery as she had reportedly snatched a mobile phone from one of the employees at Costco, and only returned it when she was informed the police were called. 

EPD Captain Patrick O’Neill said while speaking to Outpost,

Costco management were not desiring of an arrest at that time,” O’Neill said. “They just wanted her off the property.”

For now, the case will reportedly be transferred to the District Attorney’s office to make a decision about charges related to the incident but next time, you’re at Costco, you should take your mask or face shield along with you to avoid any problems. 

About Costco:

Costco is the second-largest retailer in the world after Walmart and operates over 500 locations in the United States alone. 

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