Workers at Kroger get vaccinations through the Dallas County Special Program

According to the recent news Kroger’s workforce will be getting their covid-19 vaccination. While, the province will allocate 7,000 doses. In this regard, the Dallas County proclaimed Monday that it will allocate thousands of doses of the COVID-19 vaccine to essential workers of the Kroger, Albertsons, Tom and Target.

After this statement, the program began will begin on Monday, the first day that all adults in Texas became eligible for the vaccine. Here’s what the Laura Daniels, 53, a Kroger employee said. She said that the handling orders for customers and carrying groceries in their cars. She was waiting for her doctor’s office to get a set of injections.

Workers at Kroger get vaccinations through the Dallas County Special Program

While Laura Daniels, a Kroger employee, was waiting to get a dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. “It’s more convenient,” she said as she waited for her potion at Kroger on Maple Avenue in Dallas. “You don’t have to go far, or stand in line, or anything.” People who work at grocery stories were not previously eligible for the vaccine unless they belonged to another eligible group, such as people 50 years of age or older or those with a pre-existing medical condition that made them more likely to develop a severe case of the virus.

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Further she added that “I know it was in my heart and it was in the hearts of a lot of people – what about those staple grocery store workers?” Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins said at a news conference. “We need to vaccinate them because they have done a lot for us during this pandemic.” Jenkins said that while Walmart, CVS, and Walgreens have managed to provide vaccination of their employees, Target has about 1,000 employees who still need to be vaccinated. Kroger and Tom Thump / Albertson each have roughly 3,000 employees who still need a bullet, according to the judge.

In addition, the program would cover these 7,000 workers with doses, if they wanted to. The show is limited to 2,340 total shots this week, split between Tom Thumb and Kroger. Goal The program starts next week. As an incentive, a Kroger official said employees there will receive $ 100 in cash from the company to get vaccinated. Tom Thump and the Albertsons said they also give their mates $ 100 cash once they are vaccinated. Kroger employee Corey Matthews said being able to get vaccinated at work was definitely easier than traveling to the countywide mass vaccination site in Fair Park. Now, what are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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