World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

If you are a golf enthusiast and have always wanted to visit a championship golf course, then visiting the World Golf Village Renaissance Resort is perhaps the best option out there. Located in St. Augustine which is a city located towards the northeast of Florida this resort is renowned for its championship golf courses. This resort belongs to the Renaissance Resort brand and is supervised and run by Marriott.

Golf Courses

World Golf Village Renaissance Resort

This resort accommodates two championship golf courses which are very special to the world of golf each of them being designed by the most legendary golfers in the history of the sport. The names of the golf courses are;1. King and Bear Golf Course, this golf course was co-designed by one of the most recognized and celebrated golfers of all time Arnold Palmer who is said to be one of the most phenomenal golfers of all time and was also dubbed as “The King” the other co-designer of this golf course was Jack Nicklaus whose name is also among the most eminent golfers and is also considered as one of the finest golfers of his time and hence was nicknamed “The Golden Bear”. The golf course was named after them and so it was named The King and Bear Golf Course. Opened in November 2000 it is an 18-hole course which stretches to about 7279 yards from the longest tee, it comprises of multiple lakes which further adds to its beauty making it a stunning and one of its kind golf course. 2. Slammer and Squire Golf Course, Unlike the Kings and Bear this golf course was designed by Bobby Weed who is a professional golf course designer however he also collaborated with two of the top golf players which were also considered the best at the game Sam Snead and Gene Sarazen. Sam Snead had ruled over the world of golf for about four decades and even Jack Nicklaus admitted that Sam’s swing was “so perfect”. Sam was given the name “The Slammer” as he was admired by many for his perfect swing which made jaws drop. Gene Sarazen on the other hand was the best player of the 1920’s and 1930’s. With a rather motivational story he was nicknamed “The Squire” and in 2000 Golf Digest magazine named him as the 11th greatest golfer of all time. Since both of these golfers co-designed this course the golf course was named Slammer and Squire Golf Course. This 18-hole golf course is stretched over 6939 yards and was opened for the general public in May 1998.

Lodging and Facilities

The resort consists of a total of 9 floors having 271 rooms and 30 suites. This resort also has a pet policy so if you own some cuddly little partners you can bring them along with you however it will not be free of cost and you will have to pay a non-refundable fee. If you plan on bringing children with you then the next good news is for you as the resort also has a smoke-free policy. You can also enjoy internet service for which the resort charges around $10. From buffet breakfasts and spas to onsite laundry and game rooms this resort has a lot to offer. The resort also provides you with a shuttle service so that you can visit and tour the city’s main attractions. The rooms come with the general facilities of air conditioning, a coffee maker, mini fridge, bathroom amenities, cable and a wet bar. Further information has also been provided on the official website of Marriott you can learn more about the facilities and rates on their website however the charges start from $101 per night.

Local activities and attractions

Since St. Augustine has access to the Atlantic Ocean, it is a no-brainer to visit the St. Augustine Beach which is around 23.2 mi away from the resort making it a 34 minutes’ drive. It is a good place to take a break from the city life and just relax in the white sands of the St. Augustine Beach. If you like to see exotic animals, you have an incredible chance to visit the St. Augustine Wildlife Reserve which is about 5.2mi away from the resort which makes it a 12 minutes’ drive. At the reserve you can observe various species of big cats, you will be given a tour while the cats munch on their favorite meat making the trip all the more interesting. The trip is ended with a chance to howl with the wolves of the reserve making memories for years to come. You can also take a cruise boat which has had a positive response from many tourists who have toured the city. It is a scenic boat cruise presenting to you the famous night lights of St. Augustine city for 1 hour. The cruise departs from St. Augustine Municipal Marina and after the one-hour duration returns to the departure point to drop the tourists off.

Visiting the World Golf Village Renaissance resort is every golfer’s desire. Playing at the golf courses designed by players named in the World Golf Hall of Fame is a memory one can hold on to for life. The beauty of these courses make the trip even more memorable. If you want to get a “perfect swing” like Sam Snead or want to be named among the legends like “The King” it is essential to polish your skills in a course which has been made by the best golfers this world has ever seen. The perfect time to visit St. Augustine is between March and May as fewer people visit the city during this time which reduces the hotel and various other charges making your trip economical. So what are you waiting for pack your carry bags with your woods, irons and putter as the legendary 18-hole golf courses await you.

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