WVU launched a revolving student food store with a $60,000 donation from Kroger and Kraft Heinz


A collaboration between West Virginia University and two major American food companies – Kroger Mid-Atlantic and Kraft Heinz – will provide The Rack: Student Food Pantry, allowing students to have affordable, nutritious meals.


WVU launched a revolving student food store with a $ 60,000 donation from Kroger and Kraft Heinz 1

Furthermore, Kroger Mid-Atlantic and Kraft Heinz have each donated more than $ 60,000 to expand and relocate The Rack to Morgan House, a centrally located building on a downtown campus. Kroger contributed more than $ 50,000 in cash and equipment, while Kraft Heinz donated more than $ 10,000 in cash, food, and coolers. WVU’s Dean of Students, Currie Fares, said this new joint effort comes at a time of rampant food insecurity.

WVU launched a revolving student food store with a $ 60,000 donation from Kroger and Kraft Heinz 2

In this regard, we have seen students who lost their jobs. We have seen students who tell us their parents have their jobs. So the support they received or some support where they were able to support themselves due to the pandemic is getting more difficult. Thus, the shelf allows us to continue to support the students we have supported in the past. But we added students because more of them face some food and facility challenges. And so, if we can get the food problem off their plate, pun intended or not intended for a pun, that allows them to focus their limited money on something else that pay the electricity bill, pay the internet bill for their online lessons and things like that.

Alison McGee, corporate affairs director for the Mid-Atlantic division of Kroger, said it was important to escalate the challenge of food insecurity. According to WVU, nearly 30 percent of college students across the country face some form of food insecurity, McGee said. At WVU, that number is close to 36 percent, which is why she said she was “pleased” with the announcement on Wednesday for The Rack.

“We knew we were in a position and we had the power as a company to make a difference and do something about it,” said McGee. “That’s why we’re here today to relaunch the pantry, so we can help more students focus on academics and really go out of hunger.” Zero Hunger in WVU Fits Kroger’s Mission to End Hunger | Zero waste. McGee said Kroger is passionate about ending hunger in the communities it serves and eliminating waste in its stores by 2025. The company is on track to achieve this goal. Now, what is your take on this? Let us know in the comment section below!

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