You can now check your schedule Online with Kroger App


Yes, you heard it right! Few years back Kroger worked hard and made portal which is now an app for their employees, who wanted to check their schedule online. Now, if you are new or if you are not aware of this app then this blog is for you!


Quite recently, One employee asked on Kroger public forum to help him find his work schedule online” he asked on forum “ I work for Fred Meyer in the northwest, owned by Kroger, and they just made it possible to check your work schedule online and request days off etc.  I forgot where you can find this, is it through express hr?  I looked through express hr and I couldn’t find anything.  Help would be much appreciated. Many of the employee who are working at Kroger helped him by asking him to directly connect with

This portal/app is specially made for the employees to help them schedule their work timelines to check the benefits offered by the company. In this regard, one employee stated “Yes, go to website and reenter your username and password.  If you do not remember your euid ask your store co-manager for it. Also ask them for your password so you can get into the website.

More Updates:

If all else fails, go to passport on the Kroger store website that has the keys to success on it and put your euid info in as well as your password info.  If you do not remember your password, click the forgot password key and it will allow you to renew your password info for another 70 days.  Hope this helps.  Good luck.” Also, is portal where you can find benefits to your salary details and you can check for all updates regarding your schedule to store timings, upcoming off and much more. If you haven’t signed up, you should and keep track of your working hours etc.

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