Young worker Kruger pays for elderly groceries


Who says that a little act of kindness is wasted? Recently, a teenager worker at Kroger did a very sweet gesture for an elderly man! Want to know more? Details below!


As the world is facing a huge crisis due to covid-19. The economy is also going down and the employment rate has been going down rapidly.

Everyone is struggling to survive and getting used to the “new normal lifestyle”. In this circumstance, a teenage boy who works at Kroger, and earning to funding himself has shown a true act of kindness by paying the grocery bill of an elderly person.

The teenager worker Teo Jordan an equinox of the age of 18, specified he gave the guy $35 after hearing a cashier told him he might need to pay more money if he wanted to have all the necessary groceries from the story. At that moment he decided to help him and he gave money to a senior citizen at the supermarket. Further, he added that he said to that elder person that all I want to get all the groceries that you want.

The teenage worker is just 18 years old and a high school student from Covington, and has only been working in the store for weeks. He said he’s trying to save money to buy a car, but this backseat entrance is a stranger in need. He said, “Just treat people the way you want to be treated (and) help if someone needs it.”

In response to this act of kindness, the store representative said that “I am proud of Teo. I am overjoyed.” Now, that’s what we call a true act of kindness. Comment below to share your thoughts on it!

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