Will Kroger’s Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste Policy Eliminate Food Waste?


The Kroger Company went on a mission to eliminate food waste in 2018. Many people go hungry on a daily basis. The average death rate due to hunger worldwide in 2020 is 6,679,200, as told by www.theworldcounts.com.  The number keeps increasing every 1 minute. The problem of hunger kills more people than the problem of any other disease like malaria, dengue, or even cancer. If we start to feel empathetic towards those who have less than us, it could eliminate many problems over the world. Kroger has been trying to eliminate this food hunger problem.


Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste foundation

Zero Hunger │ Zero Waste is a foundation that is started by The Kroger Company in 2018. This drive helped those with accessories to help those in need. The foundation not only takes donations for the needy but also gives you quite some good looking recipes to use the leftovers in our house. On a daily basis, an amount of food is thrown away which could be used to fill a hungry person’s stomach. According to the company’s insights, this foundation has reduced the food waste from inside the company to a minimal amount.

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Food waste at homes

In the United States alone, food wastage is about 30%, which is easily equal to US$48.3 billion. That’s not all; the amount of water that is used to grow and cook this food is also wasted, thus causing water shortage all over the country. A whole percentage of the food thrown away is not even ripe or destroyed. Sometimes home cooks try to make new recipes that go south, therefore forcing the cook to throw it away and start over again.

Food waste in restaurants

A lot of the time, restaurants tend to overbuy and store food for emergency purposes. The food stored is rarely used as they still keep on buying in bulk amounts. Another common cause of food wastage in restaurants would be wrong orders or over-cooking. These restaurants face at least 10 customers a day who order too much or change orders frequently. This cooked food is mostly dumped in a garbage bag and thrown away. This is an example of good food thrown to waste. There may be only a few restaurants that try to keep food wastage to a minimum. The way they do that would be by giving away the food to hungry ones rather than throwing it away.

Waste management

When the company saw the world was in need of a savior they took that opportunity and started this foundation. The recipes that are provided on their site are too easy and simple to go wrong. They do not ask you to go on a shopping trip. These recipes can easily be used to finish off leftover vegetables, fruits, meat, and more. If we start to think about all those who die from hunger, we would never waste a single leaf of cabbage or a clove of garlic again. Waste management is especially needed in restaurants and hotels. These are just some of the food waste solutions mentioned.

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Non- packaged or single foods

The Kroger Company does not only sell packed or bundled food. There is a better, safer, and environmentally healthy option; which is buying food that is not in a bunch. Examples of this would be single bananas, fruits, and vegetables that are not in mesh bags, things that are not covered in plastic can be covered with reusable plastic bags. These types of foods are mostly not picked and go ripe.

Some people have also started package free stores. In these stores, you can take your reusable plastic bags, glass jars, or boxes. They sell whatever product you need by measuring in kilograms. Shopping from these places can never go to waste as you buy the exact amount that you will need or feel your family can consume. These stores sell glass bottles and paper bags as well, in case you don’t have your own. These help a lot in providing a solution for food waste in America.

Ugly or imperfect food on discounts

Sometimes the food that looks ugly does not taste as we think. Some fruits taste sweeter when ripened. Kroger started putting up these old fruits and vegetables on sale. This not only helps sell the food in less time but helps some poor people who cannot afford to buy the perfect ones. This became a good cause to eliminate food waste in America.

Internal change before external

Kroger decided to change themselves first before sharing all their ways with other grocery stores and sellers. Jessica Adelman, the vice president of corporate affairs said that once they get more technology in the stores it will help them a lot to reduce even more waste. The Company even went ahead to establish a 10 million dollar fund to eliminate food waste. They even said that by 2020 they will have removed all the plastic bags in their ownership. Kroger will be playing its part in removing plastic from seas and oceans and also reducing the emission of greenhouse gases.

Has this Foundation made an impact yet?

According to the resources and the claims made by Kroger Company, this foundation has made a very large impact on society. Kroger is very near to completing the goal that it has set. The results for 2019 were as followed (these numbers have been taken from Kroger Company exclusively):

  1. This foundation has given 279 million dollars in charity to eliminate food hunger.
  2. They also donated 493 million meals to families that are insecure about food.
  3. Kroger associates rescued 101 million pounds of wholesome foods from their stores.
  4. 80% of the food waste was diverted, making a total of 2.3 million tons from all landfills country-wide.
  5. The food waste diversion has increased 28% year over year.
  6. Kroger made 31 plants from 33 completely zero waste.
  7. They also increased the total recycling to 12%

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